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Hirono Sasaki Magistrali




Hirono is a native of Tokyo, Japan. Since she left Japan at the tender age of 20, she has lived in Asia, Europe, and the US for more than half of her life.


Growing up, she watched her father suffer panic attack disorder despite his considerable financial success. As a child she could not understand why a physically healthy, caring and intelligent person like her father could not go outside at all, why he would be clutching at his heart gasping for air just by the mere thought of his heart stopping. She wanted to help her father solve his problem. So she started studying psychology and embarked on understanding our human nature. 


More than 25 years have passed since she has committed to finding ways to return to our original wholeness, which is our birthright. She is a holistic health counselor/therapist who combines the best of Eastern and Western healing tradition. 


Hirono expertly weaves following methods into her consultations;

  • Logical and analytical power of Western Psychology

  • Insight and wisdom of mindfulness meditation and Buddhist psychology

  • a moving-you-forward approach to coaching to reach your goal

  • Physical and mental benefits of yoga and breathing techniques 

  • dietary recommendation based on TCM


She is a serial entrepreneur, establishing her own successful coaching business in the Netherlands and her own yoga studio in Italy. She holds a Masters in Organizational Psychology from New York’s Columbia University, is a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, as well as Certified Executive / Life Coach by ICF (International Coach Federation.)


She has completed the 2-year professional training program for Mindful Meditation by the University of California Berkeley, under the guidance of highly respected authors and teachers Jack Kornfield, Ph.D. and Tara Brach, Ph.D. and accredited as the first Professional Level Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P) from IMTA (International Mindfulness Teachers Association) in Japan. 

She is an official translator for Tara Brach's highly acclaimed book "Radical Acceptance" in Japanese. 


Her current base is in Yokohama, Japan.

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