10 Steps to Manifest the Life You Want

Taking Responsibility

Let’s get straight to the point. Please consider the next sentence.

“I am responsible for manifesting the life I want”

If you are in a place where you are not truly content (physically and emotionally), then it is YOU who needs to commit and make actions to change, not others or your surroundings.

As a yoga instructor and life coach who encourages to create positive transformation in others’ lives, I have often wondered why so many of us fail to take action even though we do know that it would be very beneficial.

One of the reasons I have discovered is that a lot pf people misunderstand the concept of self love. Honestly speaking, lack of self discipline is not self love. Please don’t get me wrong. I am a passionate advocate of taking care and looking after ourselves. What I am referring to here is the constant ‘oh, let it go and relax, you live only once, have fun!’ or ‘I am too tired today, I will take care of it tomorrow’ or ‘I’ll start eating better / exercising from next week’ type of attitude. There is nothing wrong with thinking like this as we all do need a break from time to time. However, if you use these kind of comments more than 3 times a week, then it is not a positive letting go, it is your excuse pattern that you are stuck in. As long as you will not realize and accept that you have a mental pattern that blocks you from taking positive actions, you will most likely not be able to manifest what you look for in life.

Actions that can have lasting positive effect are most often very simple. Are you stressed out? Take time for yourself and schedule a 10 minutes meditation every day. Do you need to lose weight? Then stop eating that extra piece of dessert for a week. Your doctor told you to drink more water and you never managed to? Have a bottle of water on your bedside table and drink at least 2 glasses first thing in the morning. You shoulder / neck / back is always tight? Then create 10 minutes every day to do some stretching or yoga. Whatever it is, you need to create a simple action plan and commit to it.

How to Create Your Action Plan

The good news is that ALL of us possess incredible inner resourcefulness within us. It is just a matter of learning how to access that part of ourselves and trusting the wisdom already buried inside. In order for this process to happen, though, you must make time and turn your attention inwardly. Great changes in life will not come about if you sit on your couch and watch TV (or phone) or constantly running around in order to perpetually tick off the items on your to-do list.

Simple & Effective 10 step Exercise to Tap into Your Inner Resource Center

What You Need:

  • 15 minutes for yourself

  • a quiet place where you can sit with your spine straight (on a chair is ok)

  • a blank piece of paper and your favorite colored pen

  • a big glass of room temperature water

  • your cell phone in silent mode and in a different room

1. Drink the entire glass of water you prepared

2. Close your eyes. Place your hands right below your navel. Consciously relax your face and shoulders and take 10 of deep, belly breath down here your hands are, focusing more on exhale

3. SLOWLY roll your neck to your left 5 times, then to your right for 5 times

4. Move your shoulders up and down, inhaling when your shoulders come closer to your ears and exhaling when shoulders go down. Repeat 10 times

5. Slowly open your eyes and pick up the pen and paper

6. Think about 2 areas of your life you are not satisfied with and would like to work on at this moment. Write them down on left upper side and right upper side of the paper (examples of life areas - relationship, health, work, finance, personal goals, etc…)

7. Under the 2 areas, list 2 actions you could take TODAY to bring you closer to that goal. Be creative! Action is an action no matter how small. So do not judge yourself. Do not make those actions too overwhelming either, else you would not follow up.

8. Next, pick ONE of the aspects you have written in step 3. Circle the whole thing. Read the actions you wrote out loud

9. Post this paper to wherever you frequently pass - on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, on your computer monitor, etc… if you need extra motivation and reminder, post it on social media or ask friends to support you (or contact me - I am more than happy to support you!)

10. Treat these actions as if they are your most important appointments. So put a reminder in your calendar and schedule a time frame to complete them. Do this every day for the next 14 days.

After you have completed this 14 days action plan, take a 1 day break and repeat the same process again to create a new action plan. Make this entire process a new habit. Remember, you are responsible for creating and manifesting the life you want. Reading books and talking about them are nice but you need to ACT!

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